Pitch Bearing Assessment - V47/V52/G52

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Pitch Bearing Assessment - V47/V52/G52 by Mind Map: Pitch Bearing Assessment - V47/V52/G52

1. 1. Culliagh Wind Farm: 18 x Vestas V47

1.1. Commissioned: Oct 2000

1.2. Warranty End Oct 2005

1.3. 20-year Design Life: Oct 2020

1.4. Ops Contact: Damien Connolly

1.5. ALA

1.5.1. 2013 Pitch System Risk: Low. Good condition Several Repairs , 1 Major Repair T12

1.5.2. 2017 Pitch System: High Risk Several Repairs and Replacements: 2013 to 2017 Action MC4880 OEM Pitch System Updates to software and hardware

1.6. Faults/Repairs/Replacement of Blade Bearings since 2017?

2. 2. Tangy Windfarm: 15 x Vestas V52

2.1. Ops Contact: Alan McKissock

2.2. Commissioned: December 2002

2.3. Warranty End: Feb 2008

2.4. 20-year Design Life: Feb 2023

2.5. Planning Consent until Feb 2022!

2.6. ALA

2.6.1. 2011 Pitch System Risk: Low Known Issue with Traverse Bolt Holder Bolt issue/bolt replacements

2.6.2. 2016 Pitch System Risk: Medium Recent Blade Bearing defects found RCA required

2.7. Faults/Repairs/Replacement of Blade Bearings since 2016?

3. 3. Tangy Extension: 7 x Gamesa G52

3.1. Ops Contact: Alan McKissock

3.2. Commissioned: June 2009?

3.2.1. TP states commissioned 2007

3.2.2. Warranty End: ?

3.2.3. 20-year Design Life: June 2029 Planning Consent until 2022! 7 years before Design Life?

3.3. ALA

3.3.1. 2012 No Blade Bearing issues highlighted. Low Risk

3.3.2. 2017 No Blade Bearing issues highlighted. Medium Risk Recommended Grease Samples Traverse bolt holder issue

3.4. Faults/Repairs/Replacement of Blade Bearings since 2017?

4. 4. Dunneil Windfarm 13 x Vestas V52

4.1. Ops Contact: Damien Connolly

4.2. Commissioned: Sept 2010

4.3. Warranty End: Sept 2012

4.4. 20-year Design Life: Sept 2030

4.4.1. Planning Consent until 2023! 7 years before Design Life?

4.5. ALA

4.5.1. 2012 Pitch System: Low Risk No Blade Bearing issue identified Traverse Bolt Holder issues

4.5.2. 2017/2018 Pitch System: Low Risk Low downtime Not likely to be an issue due to age of windfarm Recommended and confirmed CIM2219 was implemented in last ALA Recommendation: Monitor

4.6. Faults/Repairs/Replacement of Blade Bearings since 2018?

5. RCA

5.1. Tangy 2016 ALA recommended RCA to be done

5.1.1. Where is this document?

5.1.2. What was identified as Root Cause?

6. Other Pitch System Failures

6.1. Loughderryduff

6.1.1. Vestas V52 March 2013

6.2. Beinn an Tuirc

6.2.1. Vestas V47 2007

6.2.2. Scottish Power Renewables Awaiting feedback from Roy Stewart (SPR Ops) about Root Cause

7. Standards

7.1. Engineering Standard for Managing Integrity of Pitch Systems 2017

7.1.1. PR-GEN-SHE-012-001-063

7.2. Technical Proposal

7.2.1. "To review and risk assess the current asset integrity of the risk agains…" MS-SHE-003

8. Service Records

8.1. Where is the documentation for this? How do I access them?

8.2. Audit on Service records before and after implementation of OEM management system of pitch bearings

8.2.1. Interval Frequency?

8.2.2. What has been changed in the process?

8.2.3. Have these changes been implemented at site-level?

8.3. Implementation of Vestas Service Doc : 946615 V30

8.3.1. Reference: SEAR-28241-001/2010

9. Other Questions

9.1. From: Tangy 2010 ALA: "Confirm that Vestas recommendations following V47 collapse have been implemented to SSE fleet as no relevant documentation could be found."

10. Report Aims

10.1. To review and risk assess the current asset integrity of the risk against MS-SHE-003. This will include review of service documentation, recorded condition of the bearings (grease sampling), fault and failure information, asset life assessments, manufacturer documentation and reviewing industry knowledge

10.2. Determine whether best practice and manufacturer recommendations have been applied at site.

10.3. Determine if a more intensive inspection and condition monitoring scheme is required and recommend a test plan. This will involve: assessing the current maintenance schedule; assessing any root cause analysis completed by Vestas; investigating industry learning of the issue; determining what failure modes could be detected or avoided with an amended maintenance schedule

10.4. Summarise learnings and put forward actions and recommendations