Risk of Rain 2

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Risk of Rain 2 by Mind Map: Risk of Rain 2

1. Characters

1.1. commando

1.2. Artificer

1.3. MUL- T

1.4. Engineer

1.5. Mercenary

1.6. Huntress

2. Best items

2.1. Attack Speed (Soldier’s Syringe, Predatory Instincts, Berzerker’s Pauldron, Warbanner)

2.2. Critical Hit (Lens-Maker’s Glasses, Harvester’s Scythe, Predatory Instincts, Ocular HUD)

2.3. On-Hit Items(Will-o’-the-wisp, Ukulele, Runald’s Band, Kjaro’s Band, Brilliant Behemoth)

2.4. General Damage Increase (Crowbar, Armor-Piercing Rounds, Shaped Glass)

3. Three level of difficulty

3.1. At start of the game you can select Easy medium and hard.

4. Boss

4.1. Each world there is a different boss

4.1.1. Beetle queen

4.1.2. Clay dundstrider

4.1.3. Stone titan

4.1.4. Aurelionite

4.1.5. Etc