The presentation of the Stapletons

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The presentation of the Stapletons by Mind Map: The presentation of the Stapletons

1. Miss Stapleton

1.1. Physical features

1.1.1. slim elegant and tall

1.1.2. brunette

1.1.3. proud finely cut face

1.1.4. beautiful dark earger eyes

1.1.5. curious lisp

1.2. Suspicion

1.2.1. "go back" imperative shows urgency How does she know? What does she know? Was she involved?

1.2.2. "her eyes blazed at me" fierce Why is she so urgent and passionate?

1.2.3. tapped the ground impatiently shows nervousness why is she so nervous

1.2.4. low eager voice hiding something or wants to hide from something

1.2.5. strained relationship "there was no ring of conviction in her words" when she said she was happy after Mr S asked her "it seemed to me that the tone of his greeting was not altogether a cordial one"

1.2.6. Why does she not want her brother to know

1.2.7. had "an expression of irresolution" dubious why is she doubtful

1.2.8. said "quite happy" but there was no ring of conviction in her words

1.2.9. a flush of vexation annoyed

2. Mr Stapleton

2.1. Knows his way around the moor very well including the dangerous areas

2.1.1. “It is by remembering complex landmarks that I am able to do it.

2.1.2. “I assure you that there would not be the least chance of your coming back alive.”

2.2. Knows who Watson is without Watson introducing himself

2.2.1. “excuse my presumption, Dr. Watson,”

2.3. Is aware of Holmes' involvement and is curious and asks many questions about it

2.3.1. gives his opinion on what he thinks happened "have you any better explanation?"

2.3.2. asks about the case and Holmes’ opinions, he wants to know who they suspect and if there were any clues or leads

2.4. He asks Watson if Henry believes in the legend of the hound and mentions that he doesn’t believe in the legend himself

2.4.1. ‘Sir Henry has, I suppose, no superstitious fears in the matter?’

2.5. Arrogant about his wealth

2.5.1. ‘It is extraordinary how credulous the peasant are about here!’

2.6. It appears that he doesn’t believe in the legend however he later starts convincing himself that it is actually real.

2.6.1. says a mysterious howling noise was from birds “I should not be surprised to learn that what we have heard is the cry of the last of the bitterns.”

2.7. “Sir Henry has, I suppose, no superstitious fears in the matter?”

3. Relationship between the two

3.1. Mr S is possessive and overbearing

3.1.1. "he spoke unconcernedly, but his small light eyes glanced incessantly from the girl to me" knows something is going on, suspicious wants to control her

3.1.2. "do we not Beryl? question tag asserting dominance and power create suspicion