Global Academy Conference

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Global Academy Conference by Mind Map: Global  Academy Conference

1. Hongkong/ Marcol Universities

2. Mainland China Universities/ Hongkong & Marco Universities

2.1. graduate students

2.2. undergraduate students

3. Oversea University

3.1. graduate students

3.2. undergraduate students

4. Global collaboration

5. Idea exchanges

6. global Internship relocation

7. Holder

7.1. regular working procedure

7.2. co-operate with the hosteler university

7.2.1. Presentation location, renting

7.2.2. preparing facilities

7.2.3. device checking

7.2.4. student run-oriented event poster advertising catalog/ event schedual volunteers section coordinators collaborate professors register procedure designing mentor students' registration/ member checking/ schedule announcement/ on site registeration on day attendance recording

7.3. program team centered with Yuehua Zhu

7.4. media broadcast

7.5. building conference committees

7.5.1. oversea professors in STEMs

7.5.2. Chinese professors in STEMs

7.5.3. Oversea professors in Social Science

7.5.4. Chinese professors in Social Science enrollment standards evaluation rubrics judder arrangement for evaluation and guidance

8. The hostler university

9. Innovation/ empower

10. investors/ internship recruiters

10.1. financially support this conference

10.2. brand spreading through the conference recruiting and operating procedure

10.3. take responsibility of coaching and accommodate interns

10.4. job description for potential positions

10.5. name list for later program manager

10.5.1. name list for later internship mentors