Pre-Application / Loan Inquiry Form

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Pre-Application / Loan Inquiry Form by Mind Map: Pre-Application / Loan Inquiry Form

1. Business

1.1. First Name *

1.1.1. [Short text]

1.2. Last Name *

1.2.1. [Short text]

1.3. Email *

1.3.1. [Email verified field]

1.4. Phone *

1.4.1. [Number - phone format]

1.5. Business Name *

1.5.1. Description: Please use the name with which your business is legally registered, if applicable.

1.5.2. [Short text]

1.6. Requested Loan Amount *

1.6.1. [Number - Currency]

1.7. What is the minimum loan amount that would be useful to you? *

1.7.1. [Number - Currency]

1.8. What would you like to use the loan funds for? *

1.8.1. [Large text box]

1.9. Number of Years in Business *

1.9.1. [Radio buttons] 0 years - I am just starting a new business. Warning for startups: "* Please note that we don't generally lend to startups, but if certain conditions are met, we will consider a loan. If you are still interested, please continue with your pre-application." 0-2 year(s) Do you file business taxes? * 2+ years Do you file business taxes? *

1.10. Do you prepare business financials? Please check all that apply. *

1.10.1. [Check boxes] Income Statement (AKA Profit & Loss Statement) Balance Sheet (AKA Statement of Financial Position) Cash Flow Statement I am unsure or do not prepare financials.

1.11. In the last 12 months (or most recent fiscal year)...

1.11.1. [Radio buttons] My business generated a profit. My business broke even. My business took a loss. If your business took a loss, please explain. I'm not sure if my business was profitable or not.

1.12. In planning to start a business, have you done any of the following? Please check all that apply. *

1.12.1. [Check boxes] Started a business plan Completed a business plan Put together detailed financial projections Raised enough money to fund 20% of the business startup costs. None of the above.

1.13. Do you have a business bank account? *

1.13.1. [Radio buttons] Yes. No. Not sure.

1.14. Is your business registered with the state of Arizona? *

1.14.1. [Radio buttons] Yes. No. Not sure.

1.15. Do all the business owners file personal taxes? *

1.15.1. [Radio buttons] Yes, and I/we can provide the last 2 years' worth. Yes, but I/we would have trouble providing the last 2 years' worth. No, I/we do not.

1.16. How did you hear about us? *

1.16.1. [Short text box]

1.17. Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

1.17.1. [Large text box]