Sam Johnson Collection

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Sam Johnson Collection by Mind Map: Sam Johnson Collection

1. Collection Prep

1.1. Define naming conventions (Archivist): 1 day

1.2. Define required metadata (Archivist): 1 day

2. Image Prep

2.1. Rename files according to naming conventions (Depositor): 1 month

2.2. Verify/add required metadata (Depositor): 1 month

2.3. Create file manifest (Depositor): 3 days

3. Transfer

3.1. Download files and manifest to USB (Depositor): 1 day

3.2. Transport USB with content to Archives (Depositor): 1 day

4. Ingest

4.1. Create file structure within local host/server (Archivist): 1 day

4.2. Generate file checksums of original content (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1 day

4.3. Verify file naming conventions and metadata requirements met (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1-5 days

4.4. Generate disk image (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1 day

4.5. Upload files from USB into storage/access system (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1 day

4.6. Verify file fixity (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1 day

4.7. Normalize file format (Archivist/trained volunteers): 1 day

4.8. Troubleshoot technical issues (Archivist/trained volunteers): may vary, expected time 5 days

4.9. Set access permissions; make authorized information visible to DC (Archivist): 1 day

5. Submission Paperwork

5.1. Prepare submission agreement (Archivist): 1 day

5.2. Review submission agreement (Archivist & Depositor): 1 day

5.3. Complete and return submission agreement (Depositor): 2 days

6. Maintenance

6.1. Troubleshoot technical issues (Archivist): as needed

6.2. Fixity check (Archivist): every 6 months or as needed

6.3. Review need for collection migration or other preservation strategy (Archivist): every 2 years or as needed