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HealthRAB by Mind Map: HealthRAB

1. Social Media

1.1. Facebook

1.2. LinkedIn

1.3. Website

2. Project & Activities

2.1. Disease Registries

2.1.1. PNJR Pakistan National Joint Registry

2.1.2. SROP Stroke Registry of Pakistan

2.1.3. HROP Hepatitis Registry of Pakistan

2.1.4. CROP Cardiology Registry of Pakistan

2.1.5. DROP Diabetes Registry of Pakistan

2.1.6. SSROP Spine Surgery Registry of Pakistan

2.1.7. PROPS Pakistan Registry of Paediatrics Surgery

2.2. Research Awards

2.2.1. A platform provided by HealthRAB, to HCPs to present their research work and compete with their peers at national level.

2.3. Online Research Course

2.3.1. ORC is an online certification course in which participants learn by utilising webinar technology and Learning Management System MOODLE.

2.4. Webinars

2.4.1. Research Webinars are online seminars conducted by senior clinicians and clinical researchers representing Pakistan in the area of research globally.

2.5. Research Fund

2.5.1. A dedicated fund allocated by HealthRAB to support research projects by emerging clinicians and researchers in various specialities.

2.6. Student Chapters

2.6.1. HealthRAB aims to establish chapters in the top medical colleges of the country to promote research culture among the youth and encourage them to participate in research initiatives.

2.7. Clinical Research Centres

2.7.1. CRC workshop is aimed at creating awareness about the importance of developing an institutional research centre in resource constraint environment.

2.8. Capacity Building Workshops

2.8.1. HealthRAB facilitates a number of workshops for capacity building of HCPs. these workshops include Medical Literature Search, Research Methodology, SPSS, Grant writing, Plagiarism, Referencing etc.

2.9. National Research Policy Document

2.9.1. The aim of this document is to draw an strategy, framework and road map for health research at national level.

2.10. Research Reference Guide

2.10.1. RRG is an online "pocket guide" that serves as ready reference tool containing information relevant to clinical research and research methodologies.