Leader Focused Leadership

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Leader Focused Leadership by Mind Map: Leader Focused Leadership

1. leader shapes the interpretation and their interpretation is correct

2. fits style to context; steps out when no longer needed

3. The Great Man Theory

3.1. Paternalistic Leadership

3.1.1. head of clan

3.1.2. autocratic

3.1.3. decisive

3.2. Heroic Leadership Theory

3.2.1. good in crisis

3.3. confident

3.4. MALE

4. Beaucratic Leadership

4.1. process

4.1.1. rigidity

4.1.2. orderly methodical

5. Trait Theory

5.1. born not made

5.1.1. selection not development

5.1.2. traits are genetic

6. Contingency Theory

7. Follower Focused Leadership

7.1. Servant Leadership

7.1.1. perspective that the leader serves the needs of the followers

7.1.2. humble leadership

7.2. Integrative Leadership

7.2.1. development of shared values and purpose

7.3. Collaborative Leadership

7.3.1. collaboration with other like minded organizations

7.3.2. shared values and purpose

7.4. Values Based Leadership

7.4.1. making a difference

7.4.2. belief in serving the common good

7.4.3. leading from a strong foundations of values

8. Transitional Leadership

8.1. Transactional

8.2. Transformational

8.2.1. equality, talent, coaching focus on human needs

8.3. Developmental Leadership

8.3.1. organization is a "living organism"

8.3.2. belief that followers can be motivated by internal reasons (job satisfaction) rather than just a pay cheque

9. Constitutive Leadership

9.1. leadership is open to interpretation

9.2. leader controls the flow of information