Innovation Methodologies

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Innovation Methodologies by Mind Map: Innovation Methodologies

1. Old Innovation Processes

1.1. Innovation is not defined

1.2. Approach is flawed

1.2.1. Ideas First 68% firms use it 80-90% Failure rate Flawed evaluation and filtering processes

1.2.2. Needs First Incorrectly defined needs Voice of customer hard to capture Structurally flawed

1.3. Unit of analysis is the product

2. Outcome Driven Innovation

2.1. Innovation is business process

2.1.1. Market Selection

2.1.2. Customer Needs

2.1.3. Uncover unmet needs

2.1.4. Growth strategy

2.1.5. Evaluation

2.2. Important discoveries made it possible

2.2.1. Job is unit of analysis

2.2.2. Job map required Define Locate Prepare Confirm Execute

2.2.3. Needs are customer defined metrics Direction of improvement Unit of measure Object of control Context

2.2.4. Opportunity algorithm to prioritize Opportunity = Importance + max(Importance - Satisfaction, 0) Market is underserved

2.2.5. Unmet needs dictate growth strategy Get core job done better Get related jobs done Get core job done cheaper Enable new job executor

2.2.6. Sequenced and focused idea generation Many ideas, lack of focus

2.2.7. Concepts evaluated against customer metrics

2.3. Benefits

2.3.1. 86% success rate

2.3.2. Alignment in value creation activities

2.3.3. Address all innovation possibilities