3m´s culture of innovation


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3m´s culture of innovation by Mind Map: 3m´s culture of innovation

1. 3m´s culture of innovation

2. Vision and commitment

3. Corporate culture

4. Technological platforms

5. Awards and honours

6. Metrics and results

7. What is innovation? Transformation of knowledge in money

8. History: 1920 Okie: Response to customer needs 1930 Drew: Freedom to find the solution Bordeb: Everyone's work and it never ends 1940 Sater: long-term support 1950 Trott: Well prepared company Lehr: Ask for forgiveness instead of asking permission 1960 Appledor: Performance of all employees 1980 Fry: Team effort 1990 Light Management - Hidrofluoresentes 2008 Solar Center - Multi-purpose cloth

9. Proximity to customers