Gender Differences in Date Initiation

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Gender Differences in Date Initiation by Mind Map: Gender Differences in Date Initiation

1. Social Norms

1.1. Higher expectancy for men to be assertive and dominant

1.1.1. Males who are inherently more passive in nature have less of a chance to develop relationships

1.1.2. Women value men who are assertive

1.1.3. Men may lie about themselves to paint a better image to females

1.2. Women are expected to play a passive role

1.2.1. May not be sexually content if partnered with a passive male

1.2.2. Struggle to initiate a relationship with a male who they may be highly interested in

2. Male Gender Role

2.1. Expectations of Males

2.1.1. Act chivalrously Perform kind gestures throughout the date

2.1.2. Provide financial support to the female Paying for the dinner

2.1.3. Looking for mating opportunities Higher sexual expectation on females

2.2. Utilize verbal cues

2.2.1. May utilize deceptive strategies to pursue date Verbally inflate themselves when conversing with females

2.3. Play an active role

2.3.1. Often the one to initiates dates in heterosexual relationships

2.3.2. Initiates sexual advances more frequently

2.4. Place higher value on female's physical appearance

2.4.1. Aim to initiate dates with females who are physically attractive

2.4.2. Greater chance for passing on his genes (wider hips, bigger breasts, symmetrical face)

3. Female Gender Role

3.1. Expectations of Females

3.1.1. Responsible for emotional development in relationship

3.1.2. Physical presentation is prioritised

3.2. Utlilize more non-verbal cues

3.2.1. Due to male's greater value on female appearance

3.2.2. Bigger focus on personal appearance - applying make-up

3.3. Play more of a passive role

3.3.1. Very uncommon to see heterosexual females initiate dates with males Expected to act passively within heterosexual relationships

3.4. Place higher value on traditional males

3.4.1. Prefer men who are assertive

3.4.2. Looking for a man who can take care of her, both financially and emotionally

3.4.3. A supportive male figure who is able to take care of their offsprings

4. Cultural Norms

4.1. Religion

4.1.1. Expectation for heterosexual relationships Equal initiation of dates in homosexual relationships

4.2. Predomaninantly patriarchal culture

4.2.1. Men are the ones who usually make the rules and decisions

4.2.2. Expectation that females are to stay home and look after the children