Effective Teacher

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Effective Teacher by Mind Map: Effective Teacher

1. Qualities of an effective teacher

1.1. Passion for teaching

1.2. Role model for students

1.3. Good personality

1.4. Good teaching strategies

1.5. Body language

1.6. Communication skills

1.7. Extra effort

1.8. Teachers never stop learning

1.9. Responsible

2. 21st century classroom

2.1. To prepare students for social life. To prepare students for the life in the world after 20 years after they graduate.the problems they are going to face in our society in the future.

2.2. Rational thinking and problem solving tactics

2.3. Collaboration across social circles and networks

2.4. Leadership skills and influence

2.5. Adaptability skills

2.6. Efforts and Entrepreneurialism

2.7. Effective interaction and conversational skills

2.8. Examining and Manipulating information skills

2.9. Curiosity and creativity

3. Characteriitics of 21st century educator

3.1. The adaptor

3.2. The reflective practioner

3.3. Motivator

3.4. Agent of change

3.5. Counselor

3.6. The supporter

3.7. The comunicator

3.8. The learner

3.9. The visionary

3.10. The leader

3.11. The risk taker

3.12. The collaborator

3.13. The role model

4. Tips to become an effective teacher

4.1. be positive

4.2. Be prepared

4.3. Be organized

4.4. Be explicit

4.5. Be active

4.6. Be patient

4.7. Be flexible

4.8. Be fair

4.9. Technology tip

5. The concept of an effective teaching

5.1. Teacher knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility for learning

5.2. Assessment activities that encourage learning through experience

5.3. Effective interaction between the teacher and students, creating an environment that respects, encourages and stimulates learning through experience.

5.4. Effective feedback that establishes the learning processes in the classroom

5.5. Classroom activities that encourage learning