19th Century Pedagogies & methodologies

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19th Century Pedagogies & methodologies by Mind Map: 19th Century Pedagogies & methodologies





5. The primary skiils to be developed are reading and writing.

6. Hardly any attention is paid to speaking and listening skills.

7. Teacher correction is the only way to make students produce the right forms of the foreign language.

8. The goal of foreign language learning is the ability to understand the texts written in the foreign language.

9. Vocabulary is learnt from bilingual word lists.

10. The mother tongue is used as the medium of instruction.

11. The use of objects and actions in teaching the meanings of words and language was built up.

12. The spoken language was emphasized.

13. It highlights that language should be taught following the natural principles of first language.

14. Focus of instruction is on communication rather than its form

15. Speech production comes slowly and is never forced.

16. Early speech goes through natural stages (yes or no response, one- word answers, lists of words, short phrases, complete sentences.

17. It draws attention to the learner’s practical speaking ability.

18. Teaching grammar rules might be not indispensable.

19. Both teacher and students should use as much as target language as they can.

20. Classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language.

21. Never translate: demonstrate

22. Grammar was taught inductively.

23. It guides to extensive textbooks created for explaining grammar usages.

24. focused on the accuracy of English grammatical structures.

25. The belief in dissimilarity between the oral approach and the direct method was that the methods so formulated are based on theoretical foundations guiding the range of content, progression of difficulty of exercises and the management of textbooks and exercises.