Technology-Enabled Learning

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Technology-Enabled Learning by Mind Map: Technology-Enabled Learning

1. Looks like

1.1. students engaged in their learning

1.2. individualized

1.3. collaborative learning

1.4. innovative ideas, creative approaches to learning

1.5. reduced paper tasks

1.6. inclusion of all in learning experiences

1.7. flexibility in timelines

2. Sounds like

2.1. questioning

2.2. quiet

2.3. planning, discussing, sharing

3. Feels like

3.1. comfortable learning environment for some

3.2. "new territory" for some - teacher included?


3.4. fun!

4. Student action

4.1. working independently or in groups

4.2. accessing digital tools/resources

4.3. moving into digital spaces - to collaborate, learn from others

4.4. research

4.5. global connections

5. Teacher action

5.1. providing wide range of entry points to learning experiences

5.2. incorporate apps, videos, games, digital tools into planning of learning experiences

5.3. learning with the students!

5.4. teaching digital citizenship

6. Student Interaction

6.1. With each other

6.1.1. collaboration

6.1.2. sharing docs, files, apps

6.1.3. peer editing/feedback

6.2. With content

6.2.1. Read & Write

6.2.2. ask/answer questions

6.2.3. compare, analyze

6.2.4. practice skill development

6.3. With teacher

6.3.1. Google Classroom

6.3.2. shared Google Docs

6.3.3. submission of tasks, assignments, projects

7. Demonstrations of learning

7.1. Slides

7.2. group collaborative tasks

8. Teacher feedback

8.1. within shared Docs

8.2. email

8.3. posted or oral - based on digital submission or digitally presented information

9. Reflection of OCT Standards

9.1. individualized and differentiated to meet all learning needs with various tools

9.2. understanding the learner to provide meaningful and relevant learning experiences

9.3. model of life-long learning in shifting practice to provide TEL experiences for students in today's classrooms

9.4. educating students in responsible use, digital footprint, their 'digital dossier'!