Test cases

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Test cases by Mind Map: Test cases

1. List of Test cases

1.1. Valid/Success/Happy cases

1.2. Invalid cases

2. Priority

2.1. HIGH

2.1.1. For Success response

2.1.2. For ACCEPTED "Failed" response, ex: return 403 code

2.1.3. All required parameters are met and return True

2.1.4. All test cases that represent real use case scenarios


2.2.1. All required parameters are met and return False

2.2.2. Most of negative test cases

2.2.3. Error and Boundary test cases

2.3. Low

2.3.1. All required parameters are not met

2.4. Link ref: https://ascendcommerce.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMQA/pages/968983800/Test+Case+priority

3. Tags

3.1. UnitTest - Test case that can be covered by unit test

3.2. Regression

3.3. BE-Feature name (BE stands for Back-end for API level)

3.4. Priority

3.5. Link ref: https://ascendcommerce.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMQA/pages/792461789/Test+Case+tags