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1. 1. Consumerism isn't it just a posh way to describe shopping. We're all consumers after all we all go shopping.

2. 3. Consumerism puts consumption at the very heart of the modern economy and everything is done to persuade us to go and consume more.

3. 4. Almost unnoticed consumerism has become our principal pastime

4. 5. The trouble is as consumers we don't always know the real cost of what we are buying.

5. Our love of shopping quite liberally threatens the end of the world as we know it today


7. As our population grows and we go on consuming more and more the ecosystems on which we depends are now close to callapse

8. This urge to consume in our society is unhealthy and it could be costing the planet as well as ourselves.

9. Advertising

10. Billboards

11. Newspapers

12. Magazines

13. Hoardings

14. 2. Society obviously couldn't function without some level of consumption