What do we want users to know about GIGS?

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What do we want users to know about GIGS? by Mind Map: What do we want users to know about GIGS?

1. It featured intergenerational learning

2. Dissemination and research went beyond the EU

3. it motivated young people to engage in and take action on global issues

4. It originated as an EU project

5. It embedded the SDGs into students' learning

6. it investigated the educational value of student authored eBooks in STEM

7. it showed how real world, authentic challenges motivate students (girls?) more than traditional approaches to teaching STEM

8. it brought together researchers and practitioneers from four European countries

9. It enabled young people to see how a career in STEM could lead to them personally being involved in solving global challenges

10. improvment of the use of ICT tools in the classroom

11. It created and tested teacher training materials

12. it involved students from 4 countries working together on global challenges

13. Following engagement with the project and it's resources teachers were inspired to embedded materials into their teaching and to share the project's outputs with others

14. It showed the values of young people being involved in the development of teaching materials ( including pupil voice)

15. it showcased female role models in several STEM related careers/industries

16. it featured student voice

17. it changed student attitudes to several global issues (e.g. interviews with students in Poland during workshop)

18. use of e-books as a tool for collecting lesson material

19. it focused on gender equality in class by set of materials for teachers.

19.1. How did it do this? Can you give examples?

20. female engineers as role models

21. It showed that Global Learning might serve as an empowering tool for girls (to increase their interest in STEM and real world problems)

22. It gave pupils an opportunity to choose the global challenges they were most interested in and do the research and experiments around them, showing that STEM subjects are interesting and can solve global problems.