The internet and effective internet searching

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The internet and effective internet searching by Mind Map: The internet and effective internet searching

1. Searching internet resources

1.1. Using google advanced search - Google Advanced Search

1.2. Search Engines for kids

1.2.1. Kidrex - KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine - Now powered by

1.2.2. Kiddle -

1.2.3. Wacky Safe - The No1 Search Engine for Kids - Kids Safe Search Engine - Child Friendly Search Engine -

1.3. Google search education - Search Education – Google

1.4. How the internet works - The Internet: How Search Works

1.5. Hot tip

1.5.1. Plan you search before you begin, plan what are the key words that will result in the best informatione

2. Evaluating Resources

2.1. Need to teach our students to be critical

2.1.1. Sample fake website - Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America

2.1.2. Trust or trash, helps us find if a website it useful and truthful or not - Trust It or Trash It?

2.1.3. Hot tip - use quotes to locate a specific phrase