programming techniques

programming techniques

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programming techniques by Mind Map: programming techniques

1. iterations

1.1. for loops- used when you need to know how many times a piece of code needs to run

1.2. while loops- do a condition until it's met

2. sequence

2.1. incorrect sequence can lead to a runtime logic error

2.1.1. a runtime logic error will cause the project to crash

2.1.2. a logic error will cause a result that you don't expect - difficult to forecast what it will do

3. selection

3.1. the use of if statements to select information based off of different fators

4. variable

4.1. a lable given to a piece of data and stored in the memory.

4.2. referenced and manipulated in a program

5. constants

5.1. pi

5.2. vat

6. operators

6.1. = equal to

6.2. > greater than

6.3. < less than

6.4. >= greater than or equal to

6.5. <= less than or equal to

6.6. <> not equal to

6.7. OR chose one value

6.8. AND have to have both values