Women Suffrage Movement

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Women Suffrage Movement by Mind Map: Women Suffrage Movement

1. Anti Suffragist were very influential during this time because this was a political movement that was against everything that the suffrage movement was trying to do. It was a constant fight in the 19th century. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucy Stone were important figures in the women's rights movement.

2. With women teaming up and joining campaigns. They were making themselves more powerful. The more members the more power they had. By the 20 century, they had two nationwide campaigns with millions of followers.

3. The Suffrage wanted Keep fighting to get what they wanted during these hard times. The men went to war so that left all of the women to take care of the place.

4. The campaign methods changed the period. Without these campaigns, none of the events that lead up to give the rights for women would’ve happened. Lots of organizations were organizing that was having a large number of members in them. All of these events were leading up to change this era for good.

5. During this period Carrie Chapman Catt was a school teacher and newspaper editor. Carrie was a huge aspect in the final phase of the suffrage movement. The winning plan was designed to secure woman suffrage in at least 36 states. These many states were needed because this would ratify a federal amendment.

6. The Suffrage became a national movement once they had a national organization. The first nationwide for the Suffrage movement was the National American Woman Suffrage Association under the leadership of Carrie Chapman Catt. This a huge step to make some changes in the United States. The NAWSA had so much power that President Wilson and Congress passed the woman suffrage Constitutional Amendment. This was the first step for this huge movement to occur. They came to have millions of followers and power up to stand up in what they believed in.

7. These two amendments were the key to the suffrage movement. The 14th Amendment gave African American citizenship rights and also would enforce equal protection for African Americans. The 15th Amendment gained African Americans the right to vote and have equal rights as whites. This would prevent discrimination to African Americans and the right to vote.

8. The importance of individual leaders was a huge part of this movement because all the women need to have a strong woman to look up. A strong woman that knew what she was doing and having success is a perfect person to follow. It would give courage for the rest of the women that weren’t as strong. You can’t have a whole army and not have a leader. It very important for these women to have a strong will as a leader.

9. The suffrage movement began in 1848 when a woman's rights convention was held in New York. A minority of the women believed in the movement because they all felt like they needed to have the same rights as men. During this period, lots of women were getting discriminated and not treated fair just because they were men. Women needed to have the same rights as men. For that reason, many women were supporting the campaigns that these individual leaders were having.

10. The suffrage movement was a very strong organization where they only focused was what they wanted at the end. The Suffrage movement accomplished many things by having a well-established organization. This was a very high qualified organization designed by these strong women that stood up for what they believed in. These are true strong will Americans.

11. These campaigns were very successful because the more members that they had the stronger they were becoming. Every little step that was taken had a purpose and each one was beneficial to the result. These campaigns were the heart of the result.

12. Woodrow Wilson was really important in the suffrage campaign. Wilson and Congress went to pass on the women's right what they have been fighting for so long. Without the organizations that the Suffrage women had made they would have never got their end result.