Rescue Project

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Rescue Project by Mind Map: Rescue Project

1. Functional Requirements

1.1. User Interface

1.1.1. Easy to use

1.1.2. Simple to use

1.2. Data Interface

1.2.1. Integers Coordinates, directions, distances etc.

1.2.2. Other Photos

1.3. Coding Components

1.3.1. Flowchart Variables Looping Events and triggers Menus

2. Non Functional Requirements

2.1. Aesthetics

2.1.1. Not particularly important

2.1.2. Simple, not complex

2.2. Economics

2.2.1. Not much time allowed

2.2.2. Not much money available

2.2.3. Not many resources

2.3. Legal

2.3.1. Copyright Laws

2.3.2. Data privacy

2.4. Environmental

2.4.1. Must be able to function in a variety of conditions.

3. Constraints

3.1. Develepor Environment

3.1.1. Time Allowed Not much time allocated

3.1.2. Money Allowed No money given

3.1.3. Skills Few skills in coding

3.1.4. Poor Resources No proffesional advice Limited Hardware Only have cheap drones and

3.1.5. Poor Environment Limited Wifi, no air-con,

3.2. User Environment

3.2.1. Targeted audince Skill Average Age 25 to 60 Proffesion Farmers