Security, Risk & Compliance

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Security, Risk & Compliance by Mind Map: Security, Risk & Compliance

1. Security Technology & Operations

1.1. Endpoint Security

1.1.1. Select and Implement a Next-Gen Endpoint Protection Solution

1.1.2. Defend Against Ransomware (SS)

1.1.3. Modernize Your Approach to Handling Ransomware

1.2. Identity & Access Mgmt.

1.2.1. Reduce IT Admin Risks and Costs with PAM (SS)

1.2.2. Simplify Identity and Access Management

1.2.3. Market Overview: IAM

1.3. Security Processes & Operations

1.3.1. Develop a Sec Ops Strategy

1.3.2. Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE

1.3.3. Develop and Deploy Sec Policies

1.3.4. Establish an Effective System of Internal Controls to Mitigate Risks (CIO)

1.3.5. Implement and Optimize an Effective Security Mgmt. Metrics Program (SS)

1.3.6. Develop Your Security Outsourcing Strategy (SS)

1.3.7. Develop Foundational Security Operations Process (SS)

1.3.8. Modernize Your SecOps

1.3.9. Improve InfoSec Practices in the Small Enterprise (SS)

1.3.10. Understanding Regulation with Blockchain Technology (SS)

1.3.11. Embed Security into the DevOps Pipeline (SS)

1.3.12. Sec Org Maturity Lifecycle

1.3.13. Secure IT-OT

1.3.14. Zero Trust

1.4. Threat Intelligence & Incident Response

1.4.1. Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service

1.4.2. Develop and Implement a Security Incident Mgmt Program

1.4.3. Design and Implement a Vulnerability Mgmt. Program

1.4.4. Select and Implement a SIEM Solution

1.4.5. Design a Tabletop Exercise to Support Your Security Operation (SS)

1.4.6. Integrate Threat Intelligence Into Your Sec Operations (SS)

1.4.7. Master Your Security Incident Response Comms Program (SS)

1.4.8. Counterintelligence

1.5. Secure Cloud & Network Architecture

1.5.1. Select and Implement an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

1.5.2. Select and Implement a NGFW

1.5.3. Select and Implement an Email Sec Gateway

1.5.4. Vendor Landscape: Email Security Gateway (SS)

1.5.5. Identify Opportunities to Mature the Sec Architecture (SS)

1.5.6. Embed Sec Into The DevOps Pipeline (SS)

1.5.7. Modernize Your Secure Network Architecture

1.5.8. Secure Your Mobile Workforce (in a cloud-first world)

1.5.9. Cloud Security Architecture

2. Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

2.1. Data Privacy

2.1.1. Comply with the Sec Reqs of HIPAA or SOX

2.1.2. Discover and Classify Your Data

2.1.3. Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts

2.1.4. Build a Privacy Program (SS)

2.1.5. Market Overview: Data Classification

2.1.6. Marketing/Consent

2.1.7. Privacy/Risk Assessment

2.1.8. Open Data/Data Protection Strategy

2.2. Governance, Risk & Compliance

2.2.1. Combine Sec Risk Mgmt Components into One Program

2.2.2. Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Mgmt. Program (CIO)

2.2.3. Select and Implement a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solution

2.2.4. Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE

2.2.5. Develop and Deploy Security Policities

2.2.6. Cute PCI Compliance and Audit Costs in Half

2.2.7. Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts

2.2.8. Improve Sec Gov with a Sec Steering Committee (SS)

2.2.9. Identify the Best Framework for Your Security Policies (SS)

2.2.10. Security Governance + Policy Workshop

2.2.11. Enterprise Security Risk Assessment

2.2.12. Build a Security Compliance Program

2.3. Security Strategy & Budgeting

2.3.1. Build an Information Sec Strategy Security Strategy Control Refresh

2.3.2. Build a Security Governance and Mgmt. Plan

2.3.3. Humanize the Security Awareness and Training Program

2.3.4. Build, Optimize and Present a Risk-Based Security Budget

2.3.5. Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO

2.3.6. Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts

2.3.7. Manage Third-Party Service Security Outsourcing (SS)

2.3.8. Develop Your Security Outsourcing Strategy (SS)

2.3.9. Improve Security Governance with a Security Steering Committee (SS)

2.3.10. Embed Security Architecture Into All Things IT (SS) - UPCOMING

2.3.11. Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies (SS)

2.3.12. Cyberinsurance

2.3.13. M&A

2.3.14. Mapping towards other regulations (PIPEDA, APP)

2.3.15. First 100 Days as a CISO

2.3.16. Sec Strat for Large Enterprise

2.3.17. 2025 Sec Landscape

2.3.18. 5G Security