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Issues by Mind Map: Issues

1. Child poverty

2. DIsabilities

3. Education cuts

4. Indigenous kidnapping

5. Climate change

6. Robbery/theft

7. Health care

8. Migrant workers

9. Homelessness is when peephole do not have a home or a place to stay or living in a place not meant for humans to live like a abandon building or a car. There are over 9,200 homeless people in Toronto right now and over 150 million homeless people in the world.

9.1. What issues do homeless people face everyday?

9.1.1. Homeless people need to face hunger and how they can get food so they do not starve also shelter they need shelter to keep warm and do not freeze.

9.2. What is the government doing to help this issue?

9.2.1. The government made the ttc free for kids under 12 they are also trying to make homes cheaper and have better quality.

9.3. What can canadians do to help this issue?

9.3.1. canadians can just give a smile or maybe call 311 311 is the salvation army they drive around looking for cold homeless people.

9.4. do you think if you see a homeless person you should give them money?

9.4.1. this is more of a personal question some might but some might not. In my opinion I think you should because it will not kill you to give them a little bit of money and that little bit can take them a far way.

9.5. why can homeless people get a job like everyone else?

9.5.1. Homeless people need to make a good impression to get a job they would need clean clothing to not smell bad and to have had some things that they have done in the past like another job. Lots of homeless people do not have a shower to wash in or clean clothing.

9.6. What do homeless people do to help themselves?

9.6.1. Homeless people do not do much to help themselves other then beg for food and money.They mostly just wait for people to help them.

9.7. What government should be helping homeless people?

9.7.1. The municipal government because the provincial or federal is to big and would need to do lots more work.