Issues that affect your community,school or family

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Issues that affect your community,school or family by Mind Map: Issues that affect your community,school or family

1. child poverty

2. robberies/theft

3. cuts hurt kids

4. climate change

5. indigenous peoples

6. healthcare

7. disabilities

8. Homelessness: Homelessness is when your living on the streets with no food or water. this can happen if you get kicked out of your house you lose all / alot of your money and get fired from your job. sadly in 2018 there were 235,000 people that were homeless in canada. What a homeless person does to survive without any food water or shelter, when it's cold they stuff their jackets with newspaper and clothing to keep warm also the can make some shelter by putting newspaper above them. if you see a homeless person next to a alcohol or drug store try giving them a gift card to somewhere else because most homeless people have really bad addictions but can't get the help them need.

8.1. what has the government done to help homelessness?

8.1.1. the government made homeless shelters so the homeless people won't have to sleep on the street or eat nothing plus it costs 5.00$ per person per night.

8.2. what are some ways to stop homeless people from buying bad things?

8.2.1. you either could physically give them food or get them a gift card to a place without drugs or alcohol.

8.3. how many places are in the city to help homeless people?

8.3.1. there are about 76 homeless shelters

8.4. what does a homeless person do to survive without food, water and shelter?

8.4.1. What homeless people do for food is buy it with the money they get but if they don't have they look through the trash for water they can find a fountain and for warmth they stuff newspaper and clothing in their jacket and finally for shelter they put newspaper over their heads.

8.5. how does a family survive altogether

8.5.1. they look in garbage's and find leftover food or drinks.

8.6. how does a mother that has more than one kid survive without losing a child?

8.6.1. most homeless people get threatened or beat but there are two ways to avoid it one is to hide in a really good spot or in public so if anyone tries to hurt you hopefully someone will help two is get a dog a dog because they will protect you if anyone tries to hurt you the dog will charge and start biting.

8.7. What is homelessness and how does it happen?

8.7.1. You could become homeless for many things such as fired from a job kicked out your house addictions smoking many homeless women escaped from violent relationships also when people leave prison if they have a family there family might kick them out.

8.8. how many people in Toronto are facing homelessness?

8.8.1. there are 235,000 people facing homelessness in Toronto.