Spanish Armarda

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Spanish Armarda by Mind Map: Spanish Armarda

1. Causes

1.1. Rebelling

1.1.1. Supported Dutch Rebels

1.2. Religion

1.2.1. England Is Protestant

1.2.2. Spain is Catholic

1.3. Killing

1.3.1. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots (His Wife)

1.4. Looting

1.4.1. Privateers looting Spanish Merchant Ships

2. Events

2.1. Important Events

2.1.1. 30 May-1588 - Armada sets sail for England

2.1.2. 19 July - 1588 The Armada was sighted off the south-west coast of England. Fire beacons were lit.

2.1.3. 21 July-1588 First encounters with the Armada. It is difficult since crescent formation is difficult to break.

2.1.4. 28 July-1588 The Duke of Parma finally responded to Medina Sidonia. He sent word that his troops were not ready.

2.1.5. 29 July - 1588 The English sent eight fireships to attack the Spanish ships anchored off Gravelines. The Spanish flee and are scattered.

2.1.6. 30 July -1588 The wind changed direction and those Spanish ships that had survived the Battle of Gravelines sailed into the North Sea.

2.1.7. Early August - 1588 The Spanish Armada ships were met with storms and gale force winds in the North Sea. Around half of the ships were battered and destroyed.

2.1.8. 12 September -1588 The remnants of the Armada finally returned to Corunna.

3. Consequences

3.1. Power

3.1.1. Spain become less powerful

3.1.2. Elizabeth had the peak of her reign

3.1.3. Philip's reputation became worse

3.2. Religion

3.2.1. England stayed Protestant