Immigration to the USA

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Immigration to the USA by Mind Map: Immigration to the USA

1. A country of immigrants

1.1. The first immigrants to the United States

1.2. The increase of immigrants since 1860

1.3. Ellis Island : Gateway to the promise land between 1892 and 1954

2. The opinion of Republicans

2.1. Obama's decision equate to an "amnesty"

2.2. The policy of Donald Trump

2.3. A wall against immigration

2.3.1. Families are separated

2.3.2. Trump who stop Latino immigration from Mexico

2.4. The DACA program was removed by Donald Trump

3. The opinion of Democrats

3.1. A nation of immigrants

3.2. Adopt a policy of removing felons

3.3. Immigrants can work

3.3.1. Live in the country for more than 5 years

3.3.2. Pass a criminal background check

3.3.3. Pay taxes

3.3.4. Submit biometric data

3.4. Creation of the DACA program

3.4.1. Foreign miners called DREAMers get help and education and can stay in America forever.

3.5. Immigrant affect the U.S economy

4. Reasons for migrating

4.1. Better opportunities

4.2. Achieve the American Dream

4.3. Reunite with family

4.4. Looking for job

5. Link of the article

5.1. Link of the wordle

5.2. Link of the glogster

5.3. Link of the quizlet