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Technology! by Mind Map: Technology!

1. What i thought in the past.

1.1. My definition of technology before starting this course was that technology is the tools that helped us become more efficient, grow as a species and make our lives easier.

1.1.1. Vehicles Used to transport people, products, services, and used for our entertainment.

1.1.2. Computers Allowing us to do anything from complex equations in the worlds largest super computers to playing video games.

1.1.3. The Internet Connecting people around the world in an huge connection of communication and information.

1.1.4. Energy Powering everything from the lights in our house to the engines in our cars.

1.1.5. And many more!

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3. What i have learned.

3.1. As said in "What is Technology" on slate; Technology is very difficult to define.

3.1.1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "The practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area; (b): a capability given by the practical application of knowledge." (Thierer, 2014)

3.1.2. Oxford Dictionary: "The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry." (Thierer, 2014)

3.1.3. Thomas P. Hughes: “a creativity process involving human ingenuity.” (Thierer, 2014)

3.1.4. Kevin Kelly tells technology's epic story

4. So many people have many different definitions of technology.

5. Creativity

5.1. I saw the example that was posted onto slate about someone using a website called "mindmeister" for their discussion, so i thought this would be a good way to learn how to make a discussion more creative then just a blog.


6. Conclusion

6.1. After reading a few websites and the information given on slate, i find my personal definition of technology not very different from what i read.