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Goals by Mind Map: Goals

1. Business

1.1. Long-term

1.1.1. Become a business mogul

1.1.2. Start clothing line

1.2. Short-term

1.2.1. Work on music daily Write daily Create beats for website

1.2.2. Revamp YouTube channel New direction New content

1.2.3. Create website

1.2.4. Take head shots

1.2.5. Market on social media

1.2.6. Find a balance between business and personal life

2. Personal

2.1. Long-term

2.1.1. Buy a mansion

2.2. Short-term

2.2.1. Be in the present

2.2.2. Accept where I'm at

2.2.3. Fix credit

2.2.4. Find a balance between personal and business life

3. Embrace the unknown

3.1. Don't take anything too seriously

4. Enjoy everything

4.1. Relax