Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Can be used to block out distracting sounds. Can also be used to hear information as it is being read to the student.

2. Input Device

2.1. Mouse

2.1.1. Can be used to open and close applications. Student can also right click or left click to perform additional task. The "wheel" on the mouse can be used for scrolling up and down on a page

2.2. Keyboard

2.2.1. Allows students to type responses and access necessary information

2.3. Headphones

2.4. Microphone

2.4.1. Allows student to interact with teacher and peers online.

3. Output Devices

3.1. Monitor

3.1.1. one of the main components of a computer

3.1.2. displays images

3.2. SmartBoards

3.2.1. Interactive Whiteboard

3.3. Printer

3.3.1. can be used to print material from the computer

3.3.2. a challenge can be it may run out of ink, paper, or have a paper jam- causing teacher to stop and take care of the issue

3.4. Speakers

4. Hardware

4.1. Can malfunction and computer will not start

4.2. Additional hardware can be added for input and output devices

4.3. Required hardware

4.3.1. Motherboard

4.3.2. Power supply

4.3.3. Hard Drive

5. Software

5.1. Computer will not run without software

5.2. Operating System is required

5.3. Applications

5.4. Not all data on the computer is software

6. Sends data to the computer

7. Gets data from the computer

8. Interactions of Software and Hardware

9. Computers make constant use of both hardware and software

10. When you open a program, the computer reads the data from the hard drive

11. Hardware and software work so closely together that either one can cause trouble