Abort in Colombia

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Abort in Colombia by Mind Map: Abort in Colombia

1. It is about the loss of a baby, its causes can be induced or spontaneous is

1.1. Abortion in Colombia is regulated by the Social Security Health System of which the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is a part

2. Classification

2.1. International Classification of Diseases (WHO)

2.1.1. Is that if it is the patient or the baby has some illness that can harm both the mother’s life and that of the baby the breast is in every right to make the decision whether or not to have the baby Can be for Abortion withheld. It is an early fetal death, which is not expelled Miscarriage Or some diseases like Complicated with genital tract or pelvis infections Complicated with bleeding or coagulation alterations Complicated with damage to pelvic organs and tissues

2.2. Clinical classification

2.2.1. Various factors can be found that follow the medical conditions that the breast or the baby can induce a pregnancy Of the most important factors found According to the origin According to the consequences According evolution According to the juridical condition According to findings ecográfics According to his(her,your) evolution

2.3. Classification of the provoked abortion

2.3.1. Refers to inconsistency of parents, mother or father, about having the baby in different circumstances Free: it is the abortion performed under the supposed right that the woman would have to terminate her pregnancy by the mere fact of not being wanted Eugenics: when predicted with probability or certainty that a foetus with a defect or disease will be born. For medical or therapeutic reasons: when maternal health reasons are invoked. Mixed: refers to the so called selective fetal reduction, which aims to eliminate in multiple pregnancies some embryos so that the others have a better chance of survival. Ethics: when pregnancy is the result of sexual assault