Water: Science and Society

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Water: Science and Society by Mind Map: Water: Science and Society

1. Module 2: Flood and Drought

1.1. Learning Objective: Interpret flood risk at various locations using flood risk maps

1.2. Keywords: Flood, Drought, Forecast, Floodplain, Flood-ways

1.3. Materials: Assessment Questions, Histogram

1.4. Technology: Internet, Classroom Website, Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

2. Module 1: Freshwater Resources - A Global Perspective

2.1. Learning Objective: Compare your own personal water use habits with those of your peers and others worldwide

2.2. Keywords: Water supply, Distribution, Water Treatment, Uses of Water

2.3. Materials: Assessment Questions

2.4. Technology: Classroom Website, Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

3. Module 3: Dam It All!

3.1. Learning Objective: Weigh the advantages and drawbacks of large dams, including economic, environmental, and cultural impacts

3.2. Keywords: Reservoir, Dams, Grandeur

3.3. Materials: Assessment Questions

3.4. Technology: Class Website, Internet, Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

4. Module 4: Water and Politics

4.1. Learning Objectives: Analyze the political problems that arise when water supplies must be shared across borders

4.2. Keywords: Policy Statements, Political Problems

4.3. Materials: Files Provided, Assessment Questions

4.4. Technology: Class Websites, Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

5. Module 5: What is in your Water?

5.1. Learning Objective: Apply government drinking water regulatory standards to identify contaminant levels that might be harmful to human health

5.2. Keywords: Pollutants, Contaminants, Concentration

5.3. Materials: Assessment Questions, Graphs Provided

5.4. Technology: Class Website, Websites Provided. Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

6. Module 6: Solving the Water Crisis

6.1. Learning Objective: Evaluate multiple approaches for safeguarding against water scarcity

6.2. Keywords: Water Scarcity, Desalination, Water Re-use, Water Banking

6.3. Materials: Graphs Provided, Assessment Questions, Pictures Provided, Articles Provided

6.4. Technology: Class Website, Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube, Student Computer

7. Module 7: Water- Practice P3

7.1. Learning Objective: Teams must work together to assess the local relevance of a global issue that deals with water

7.2. Keywords: Collaboration, Presentation, Global Relevance, Individual Research

7.3. Materials: Transcripts, Reflections, Laptop

7.4. Technology: Websites Used, Camera, PowerPoint,Edmodo, Nearpod, Youtube