Life project

proyecto de civica

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Life project by Mind Map: Life project

1. Who I am

1.1. Myself .

1.1.1. Strengths chess football critical thinking communication open minded creative honest

1.1.2. weaknesses lazy messy impulsive off centered

1.1.3. Goals I haven’t been able to reach yet finish high school with good grades like high school to enter a university and possibly do a medical career and do a specialty leaving around 30 years to get a good salary in a job that I like and passion and when the monento form a family and continue to grow as a professional, and as a person

1.2. personality

1.2.1. im short,thin with long hair and brown skin i am catholic and i like to talk and to play football with my friends

2. Who I want to be

2.1. My purpose and goals in life

2.1.1. my purpose in life is to be happy and successful to reach all my goals and realize myself as a good person and with values How can I defeat my obstacles? improve in my weaknesses and working in my values and habits

3. Background

4. carlos octavio Martínez Gutiérrez 9°B

5. 21/05/19