Rejuvenating retreat

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Rejuvenating retreat by Mind Map: Rejuvenating retreat

1. Investments/ROI: considering updating the accomodation's utilities, different types of accomodations as per requests (tents, tree house if applicable, local residents' houses etc)

2. Cardio, running, speed walking, swimming and the likes

3. Pricing: 10% mark-up from the original costings in the first 6-months durations, going to 15%-20% respectedly in the next 2 years

3.1. Chị Trân & Nhung

4. WHO

4.1. Young adults

4.2. Working adults

4.3. Retirees

4.4. Teenagers


5.1. Dong Nai, Vietnam

6. HOW

6.1. Marketing

6.1.1. Social media

6.1.2. Traditional tour agencies

6.1.3. Word of mouth

6.1.4. Flyers/Posters (Distributed in local cafes/shops that have a large number of foreign traffic. Eg: Thao Dien, D1, D3 shops/cafes etc...

6.2. Idea generation/Brainstorming: Market research/Focus group, self-trial

6.3. Costings: re-calculating current applicable costs from supplier (2019)

6.4. Personnel

6.4.1. Service crew team Masseuses, chefs, certified yogis Tour guide/driver Booking agent/help-desk Tour facilitator/medical staff

7. WHY

7.1. Ultimate goal: creating the idea of a balanced lifestyle for everyone (mind, body, beauty, nutrition, personal connections, relationships, awareness of the nature's beauty and power)


8.1. Yoya/Meditation

8.2. Upbeat dancing/Hiphop/Zummba/Kpop

8.3. Balanced nutrition program to cleanse/detox mind & body

8.4. Beauty consciousness: spa (body controuring), nails/hair services by natural & local products by skilled service people

8.5. The applications of Vietnamese "diện chẩn" in treating illness/deseases without using medications (workshops + products introductions)

8.6. Cooking/handicrafting classes

8.7. Merchandise: sweetened fruits, local delis, handbags, scented products... using organic & local ingredients

8.8. Introducing to guests about Vietnamese's agriculture (tropical fruits picking/tasting), local produce and beauty industry & handicrafts

8.9. Promote the simple & environmental friendly lifestyle (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle)


9.1. Duration: 5-10 days depending on different groups' requirements