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R2 by Mind Map: R2

1. Voting App

1.1. Authorization

1.2. Survey Configuration

1.3. Sample ballot

1.4. Survey vote summary

1.5. Pop up reminder to vote for executive

1.6. Vote submitting

1.7. Request a vote

1.8. My surveys

1.9. Search an analyst for a vote

1.10. Voting App Footer

1.11. Internal users

1.12. Pop up about unsaved changes

1.13. Coordinators

1.14. Search a firm

1.15. Voter info

1.15.1. Company size information

1.15.2. Voter IP

1.15.3. Coordination option

1.16. Cast the vote

1.16.1. Vote for a firm Cast the vote Edit the vote Delete the vote

1.16.2. Cast the vote for an analyst cast the vote delete the vote edit the vote

1.16.3. Add a new analyst

1.16.4. Add a new frm

1.16.5. Add a new executive

1.16.6. Rate an executive cast the vote edit the vote delete the vote

1.16.7. Rate an attribute Rate an attribute Edit attribute rating Delete attribute rating

1.16.8. Add a comment to the vote

1.16.9. Rating limits Analyst rating limits Firm rating limits

2. Integration

3. Verification App

4. Research Portal