Hitler and Nazi Party

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Hitler and Nazi Party by Mind Map: Hitler and Nazi Party

1. 1919 Hitler joined the DAP, better known as the Nazi party

1.1. He reformed the party and created a paramilitary group, The Assault Division (SA)

2. 1923 He failed a coup the Beerhall Putsch

2.1. When Hitler was imprisonedhe wrote Mein Kampf

2.1.1. This book laid out the principles of Nazism

3. Nazism has its own identifying characteristics

3.1. Racism Anti-Semitism, or hate the Jews

3.2. Superiority of the Aryan race The aryans should dominate (inferior races) which included Slavs, and the Jews

3.3. Living Spaces Hitler believed Aryans should conquer new territory to live in