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What was fascim? by Mind Map: What was fascim?

1. Opposition to democracy and communism.

2. Role of State

2.1. The state was totalitarian and run its all-powerful leader "Il Duce".

2.2. Individual rights were elliminated.

3. Single political party

3.1. The National Fascist Party was the only party, and there were no free elections.

4. Violence

4.1. All forms of violence were brutally repressed.

5. Monopoly of the media and propaganda.

5.1. The radio and newspapers were controlled by the state.

5.2. Large rallies and military parades were organised.

6. State-controlled economy

6.1. The goal was to make Italy an autarchy: an economically self-sufficient state.

7. Nationalism and inequality

7.1. The Italian nation was glorified: it was believed that some peoples and nations were superior to others.

8. Militarism

8.1. War and military conquest were glorified.

8.2. The Italian fascists aspired to created a colonial empire and become a "New Roman Empire"