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CELLS by Mind Map: CELLS

1. Animal Cells

1.1. What are these cells job?

1.1.1. Cell membrane: The thin layer of protein, it is semi - permeable, and controls some substances passing into the cell whilst blocking others.

1.2. Nucleus: Controls many of the functions of the cell and contains the cells genetic material (DNA).

1.2.1. Cytoplasm: The jelly like material outside the cell nucleus in which the organelles are located.

1.3. What does DNA stand for? deoxyribonucleic

1.4. Ribosomes: Produces proteins which are used to repair the cell when it is damaged.

1.5. Mitochondria: Converts the energy stored in the glucose (sugar) useable energy for the cell.

2. Plant cells

2.1. What are these cells jobs?

2.1.1. Chloroplast: Contains chlorophyll which is needed for photosynthesis.

2.1.2. Cell wall: A rigid structure made of cellulose which gives the cell its structure

2.2. Vacuole: single large one. stores the cells digested 'food' and its waste products (cell sap).

3. Specialised cells

3.1. PLANT:

3.1.1. ANIMAL:

3.1.2. Nerve cell, Red blood cell, sperm cell

3.2. Leaf cell, root hair cell

4. Microscope

4.1. How to observe and prepare and observe a microscope slide safety.

4.2. Place the object on to a glass slide, Pipette on solution. Put cover slip over the top of the object using a mounted needle. Put the slide onto the microscope stage and attache on the stage clips to the slide so cannot fall off. Next, look through the eyepiece, turn the coarse adjustment knob of the objective lense to see object, then turn the fine adjustment knob, until object comes into focus.