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malaria by Mind Map: malaria

1. Malaria is caused by a Protoctistan from the genus Plasmodium (malariae)

2. In 72 hours the erythrocytes rupture. Initiates fever

3. symptoms

3.1. Cold stage of 20-60 min Shaking and chills

3.2. Hot (fever)stage after 3-8 hours 40.0 – 41.7 oC temperature and sweating

3.3. Hot and cold stages alternate for 2 or 3 weeks

4. parasite and mosquitoes

4.1. It is transmitted by Anopheles mosquito vectors.

4.2. Mosquitoes have a proboscis that penetrates blood vessels, so the insect can have a blood meal.

4.3. Parasite changes host behaviour so mosquitoes are more likely to bite humans

5. complications

5.1. anaemia

5.2. Capillaries in brain get blocked off by parasites

6. prevention

6.1. intescide treated nets (ITS)

6.2. Indoor residual sparying (IRS)

6.3. Quinine (alkaloid) from bark of cinchona tree from South America

7. Diagnoses

7.1. Blood smear stained with Giesma

7.2. Rapid diagnostic tests

7.3. PCR (identifies parasites microsopically)

8. Treatment

8.1. Artemisinin combination therapies (ACT)- Fast acting artemisinin-based compounds are combined with a drug from a different class. preventatative drug.

8.2. RTS- worlds first malaria vaccine that provdes partial protection in young children.the vaccine targets againsts the P.falciparum parasite from enteing the liver