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cells by Mind Map: cells

1. plant cells

2. animal cells contain 7 main parts: the chloroplast, vacuole, cell wall, nucleus, cytoplasm and a cell membrane

3. animal cells

4. animal cells only have 3 main parts: the chloroplast, cyptoplasm and cell membrane

5. animal cells and plant cells both contain the cell membrance, cytoplasm, nucleus and the mitochondria.

6. plant cells contain a cell wall, vacuole and chloroplast. these are not found in animal cells

7. the cell membrane controls the movement of substances into and out of the cell

8. the cytoplasm is a jelly like substance where chemical reactions happen

9. the nucleus carries genetic information and controls what happens in the cell

10. the mitochondria is where most reactions happen

11. the vacuole contains a liquid called cell sap, which keeps the cell firm

12. the cell wall is made of a tough substance called cellulose which supports the cell

13. cells are in animals and plants and helps them live.they are so small we cant see them.