Issues That affect my community

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Issues That affect my community by Mind Map: Issues That affect my community

1. A big change in weather is happening why climate change.This huge issue is being caused by to much fossil fuels and pollution . How does that create climate change well it creates carbon dioxide aka(CO2).This issue could possibly in my opinion wipe out all the animals in the arctic.The reason is that if all the ice has been melted where will penguins and or polar bears live. Yes some animals breathe underwater but maybe the water could get overheated.What is really happening is all the CO2 is being trapped in the atmosphere and not escaping rapidly bouncing back at the earth causing climate change.This issue is very serious and there are not many ways we can stop it besides STOPPING POLLUTION!Climate change needs to stop and that was my paragraph.

1.1. What has been done to stop climate change?

1.1.1. They are making more green energy sources and are trying to minimize the amount of fossil fuels used.

1.2. What animals are the most affected by this issue?

1.2.1. The animals that cant breath underwater in the arctic such as polar bears and other animals such as dogs who have lots of fur which could make them overheat.Also arctic foxes when all the ice goes away where will they go.

1.3. What things are causing climate change?

1.3.1. The greenhouse affect is being caused by a build up of carbon dioxide which is trying to escape the atmosphere but is trapped and getting bounced back at the earth causing it to overheat.

1.4. What can people do to help stop this issue?

1.4.1. Try to walk more and don't use your car as much to stop the build up of carbon dioxide.Also try to not use coal which causes lots of air pollution the creates CO2(carbon dioxide)

1.5. What levels of government help stop this issue?

1.5.1. All levels help but mostly it is the highest level the federal.Since they are the highest level they have the most power to make laws and stop this issue.

1.6. Can climate change wipe out human population?

1.6.1. It is not guaranteed but most researchers say no. Some think it could destroy small villages and possibly cause a 3rd world war but we can not be sure.

1.7. What animals can cause climate change?

1.7.1. Cows can cause climate change because there poo is full of carbon dioxide which pollutes and causes climate change.

1.8. Where does climate change affect the most.

1.8.1. Climate change effects 'o

2. Homelessness

3. Disabilities

4. Migrant workers