Government Issues

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Government Issues by Mind Map: Government Issues

1. Climate Change

2. Migrant Workers

3. Child Poverty

4. Drugs

5. Disability

6. Homelessness: Homelessness is homeless people who have barely have money and are really poor. Some might be high on drugs and most of them have really bad diseases. This is really bad because homeless people have diseases and no one can help them. Another bad thing about homeless people is shelter is really expensive and homeless people can't afford it. That's why homeless people lives on the street.

6.1. What can we do if someone is homeless?

6.2. How can we help homeless families to get education

6.2.1. We can make more libraries so little kids can get education be reading books.

6.3. Where are the most common place for homeless people in canada?

6.3.1. Ottawa. Ottawa is the most common place where homeless people are because that is where most people are and the more people a city has, the more people that are homeless.

6.4. How do homeless people feel if there homeless?

6.4.1. Homeless people will probably be depressed and sad because they are living on the street and also they have no food which makes them depressed.

6.5. How can we improve health issues for the homeless people?

6.5.1. We can improve health issues by letting there be more doctors around the world.

6.6. How can you help other homeless people.

6.6.1. The government

6.7. How can we help homeless people that are high on drugs?

6.8. How can the government react on the homeless people?

6.8.1. The government should make food cheaper in Toronto because homeless people don't have that much money and they need food. So if a hamburger is 3 dollars, the homeless people can probably buy it.. They also should let thee TTC be free in Toronto so homeless people can travel to Toronto.