The French Revolution

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The French Revolution by Mind Map: The French Revolution

1. Pre-Revolution Government

1.1. Monarchy

1.1.1. King Louis XVI Bourbon dynasty

1.1.2. Marie Antoinette Austrian Wife of Louis

1.1.3. Symbol of royal excess

1.2. Estates-General

1.2.1. Power Divided between Three "Estates" Clergy First Estate Nobility Second Estate Peasants Third Estate

2. Causes

2.1. Extravagant spending

2.1.1. Peasants displeased with monarchy

2.2. Seven Years War

2.2.1. Drained treasury Financial trouble

2.3. Funding for American Revolution

2.3.1. Debt Financial Crisis

2.4. Disregard for Crisis by monarchy

2.5. Poor Financial Management by Louis XVI

2.5.1. Higher Taxes Bread Pirces Rise Peasants Riot

3. French Society

3.1. Aristocracy

3.2. Nobles

3.3. Clergy

3.4. Commoners

4. Revolution beginning 1789

4.1. Jacques Necker

4.1.1. Finance minister

4.1.2. Appointed By Louis XVI in 1789

4.1.3. Enlightened Thinker

4.1.4. Popular with peasentry

4.2. Necker gets Louis to call a meeting between the three estates

4.2.1. First meeting in 200 years

4.2.2. Louis fear third esate 1st and 2nd lock third estate out of a meeting Third Estate forms national assembly

4.3. Louis responds to National assembly by sending out army

4.3.1. Civilians arm themselves in defense Civilians riot Louis Fires Necker Civilians raid the Bastille

4.4. "Declaration of the Rights of Man"

4.4.1. Created by National assembly days after Bastille Demanded Constitutional Monarchy Abolishment of class distinction

4.4.2. Didn't really change the way things were

5. Women March on Versailles

5.1. 7,000 women storm palace of Versailles

5.1.1. Angry at Marie Antoinette Intended to storm in and kill her

5.2. Louis realizes he can no longer ignore the revolution

5.2.1. Agrees to sign the declaration of the rights of man Mob continues to grow over night Mob demands Marie and Louis move to Paris

5.3. Mob storms palace

5.3.1. Guards killed and beheaded Marie and Louis escape Agree to move to Paris

6. 1791

6.1. France now a constitutional monarchy

6.2. More power to the common people

6.2.1. less power to King Louis

6.3. Louis power continues to fall

6.3.1. Tries to escape with his family to Austria Caught by revolutionary guards and sent back to Paris Prisoner King Seen as a traitor Loses more Power Revolutionaries gain more power Some Distant relatives succeeded in escaping to Austria

7. Guillotine

7.1. Invented by Dr. Guilotin

7.1.1. Cuts off your head Quickly Easily Efficiently

7.2. Supposedly painless

7.2.1. Seen as the moral method of the death penalty

7.3. Intended to create "equality in death"

7.3.1. Revolutionaries wanted to abandon the cruel death penalties of the old government

7.4. Nicknamed the "National Razor"

8. 1792

8.1. National assembly Declares War on Austria

8.1.1. Many feared Louis escaped relatives would persuade Austria to invade France War was declared as a preemptive attack

8.1.2. French Nationalism grows Superstition of enemies to the revolution grows Anyone suspected of being an enemy to the revolution is executed

8.1.3. Prussia joins the War on Austria's side Duke of Brunswick writes letter promising destruction of paris of King or Queen are harmed Threat Backfires

8.1.4. Austria was Antoinette's homeland Antoinette and Louis accused of being in contact with Austria