Content Operations Overview

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Content Operations Overview by Mind Map: Content Operations Overview

1. Content Governance

1.1. Content Assessment

1.2. Data Dictionary

2. Personalized Content

2.1. Geo-targeted placements

2.2. Deals Hub Engage integration

2.3. Adventures feed from Channel Advisor to RR Recommend

2.4. 100% editorial content feeds into Channel Advisor

2.5. Enhance Coop Journal content for dynamic delivery thru RR on Adventures TDP

2.6. Automate CJ feed from CMS to metadata hub to CA to RR

2.7. Automate feed to RR from CMS (via metadata hub -> CA)

3. Distributed Publishing

3.1. CGS Onboarding

3.2. Deals Hub Team

3.3. DXT editors

4. Digital Assets Standards

4.1. Default Alt-text

5. Content templates

5.1. Content Cards

6. Document types

6.1. Standard document types - EA, CJ, Newsroom

7. Enterprise Tool

7.1. Maximizing our potential workflow efficiencies

7.1.1. JIRA Server vs Cloud