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EP by Mind Map: EP

1. Location

1.1. Write music and record demo at college

1.2. Practice round Dons house

1.3. Saltwell Studio will be the location of the "Proper" EP

2. Audience

2.1. Mainly a UK audience but with some American appeal

2.2. Mostly young teenagers/adults

2.3. Record labels

3. Outside Help

3.1. Possible help from other musicals on different ideas etc

3.2. Help from the teachers in helping us achieve what we want

3.3. Peer evaluation in helping us understand our market better and to fine tune things/polish before release

4. Logistics

4.1. Money is difficult at the moment so we're going to be using the college studio so when it comes to the paid studio we don't waste studio time which intern is lost money

4.2. Practicing will be mostly done in college or at Dons house to allow us to save money by not hiring out Rehearsal studios.

5. Promotion

5.1. Use social media in a way to harness excitement and build up the social following of our EP

5.2. Ask bigger artists to promote or look at our music

5.3. Perform on local radio shows and gig with bigger bands to harness a bigger following

5.4. Poster around college and places to let people know and to once again attract a following

6. Design

6.1. speaking to local artists about designing an eye catching poster and EP cover art for us incorporating our logo already.

7. Evaluation

7.1. Challenging my weaknesses, such as lyrics and melody and being able to evaluate my work and take on board criticism and listen to other ideas and incorporate them into mine etc