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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Formal

1.1. Standardized Tests

1.1.1. SAT

1.1.2. ACT

1.1.3. Alternative Assessment

1.2. Comprehensive Evaluation

1.2.1. RTI Process/Data Collection

1.2.2. Ecological Assessment

1.2.3. Norm-Referenced Tests

1.2.4. Classroom Observations and Interviews

1.2.5. Standardized Tests

1.3. State Testing

1.3.1. Pros Holds teachers accountable Holds students accountable Provides Data Requires teachers to include ESE students with Gen. Ed to meet academic needs

1.3.2. Cons High Stakes Reliability Effectiveness Cost Can be too difficult or unrealistic for some ESE populations

2. Informal

2.1. Classroom Based

2.1.1. Curriculum Based

2.1.2. Criterion Based

2.1.3. Teacher Observation

2.1.4. Performance Assessment

2.1.5. Portfolio Assessment

2.1.6. Dynamic Assessment

2.1.7. Error Analysis

3. Cultural and Linguistic Factors

3.1. Overrepresentation/disproportionality

3.2. Standardized tests not required in other languages, although encouraged

3.3. Formal assessment evaluations offered in limited languages

3.4. IDEA 2004 Set standards and procedures to address cultural and linguistic issues

3.5. Low socioeconomic status

3.6. Being males

3.7. Having siblings in ESE

3.8. Bias in tests and screenings, therefore multiple forms of evaluation are needed