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Billie Jean by Mind Map: Billie Jean

1. Michael Jackson

1.1. First in the History to stay, simultaneously, in the First Position in all Black Stop's and Pop Music in USA

2. Success

2.1. 1st Position in 6 weeks

2.2. in 1982, became the most successful album in the history of music, with sales exceeding 100 million copies,

3. First Live Performance

3.1. The theatrical performance was marked by being the first time that Jackson made his step, registered mark, in which slides back, called of Moonwalk.

4. What's Mean "Billie Jean?

4.1. Billie Jean is a groupie (a person who seeks emotional and / or sexual intimacy with a musician. The term was used for the first time in 1967 to describe girls who were lasciviously chasing members of pop or rock bands:

5. The History

5.1. '' In 1981, a fan wrote to inform him that he was the father of her's son. She had sent her pictures and the baby along with the letter - a very attractive young black woman in her twenties, whom he had never seen. "