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Quantifiers by Mind Map: Quantifiers

1. With countable and uncountable nouns

1.1. Some nouns can be countable and uncountable. e.g. time Some quantifiers can stand both with countable and uncountable nouns

1.2. How many? or How much?

1.2.1. no/none She has no time to waste.

1.2.2. not any I haven't got any idea.

1.2.3. some (any) We have some time for rest.

1.2.4. a lot of I got a lot of gifts.

1.2.5. plenty of We have plenty of work.

1.2.6. lots of It has lots of opportunities.

2. With countable nouns

2.1. How many?

2.1.1. a few She has a few good friends.

2.1.2. a number (of) There are a number of tasks we need to do.

2.1.3. several We have to apply several changes.

2.1.4. a large number (of) There is a large number of PC-s connected to the Internet.

2.1.5. a great number (of) He has a great number of choices.

2.2. Countable nouns represent things we can count. e.g. PC, window, ball, people

3. With uncountable nouns

3.1. How much?

3.1.1. a little He has a little knowledge about processors.

3.1.2. a bit (of) You need a little bit of luck.

3.1.3. a great deal of She has a great deal of potential.

3.1.4. a large amount of I won a large amount of money.

3.2. With uncountable nouns we use question "How much?" e.g. How much knowledge do you need