Setting Up the Classroom

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Setting Up the Classroom by Mind Map: Setting Up the Classroom

1. Creating Name Tags for Students

1.1. Need Class List

2. Desk arrangement

2.1. extra desk for storage?

2.2. even number so can easily work in pairs?

2.3. Boy Girl Arrangement?

2.4. Flexible Seating

3. Organize Classroom Library

3.1. Divide books into bins

3.2. genres

3.3. check in/out system

4. Hang Up Posters/ Calendar

4.1. class rules/guidelines

5. reading areas

5.1. comfy furniture

5.2. Pillows

6. Create a Class Reward System

6.1. Individual Rewards

6.1.1. Buckaroos

6.2. Classroom Rewards

6.2.1. Popcorn kernals to fill a bucket

7. Area for class jobs

8. Shopping Lists