Task components

Task components

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Task components by Mind Map: Task components

1. Goal

1.1. Goals should be communicative functions. For example, "Giving advice", "Telling time", and other similar functions.

2. Input

2.1. Input should be authentic and, of course, meaningful. The term authentic means that materials which present real language use. These materials don't aim to teach a language, they are just used to show how a language is used in a real life. Newspapers, bulletins, magazines, TV shows and so on can be given as examples of authentic sources.

3. Activity

3.1. Activity means every action learners do in a task. Everything about an activity should be like in a real life. For example, learners may be travel agents and they may give advice to tourists about where to go, or what to do.

4. Setting

4.1. Ways of doing a task. Pair work, group work or individually.

5. Teacher roles

5.1. Teachers shouldn't dominate classrooms; They should observe, support and monitor learners.

6. Student roles

6.1. They should participate in collaborative works, and talk much more than teachers. They may help their peers or they may get help from each other.