Civil Rights Movement IM

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Civil Rights Movement IM by Mind Map: Civil Rights Movement IM

1. What was the Civil Rights Movement?

1.1. Why did it happen?

1.2. Background information

2. People of the Civil Rights Movement

2.1. Martin Luther King Jr.

2.2. Rosa Parks

2.3. Ruby Bridges

2.4. Malcolm X

2.5. Ella Baker

2.6. Ralph Abernathy

3. Effects of the Civil Rights Movement

3.1. Important Legislation

3.1.1. Brown v. Board

3.1.2. Civil Rights Acts

3.1.3. Fair Housing Act

3.1.4. Voting Rights Act

3.2. Black Lives Matter

4. Events of the Civil Rights Movement

4.1. Montgomery Bus Boycott

4.2. March on Washington

4.3. Greensboro Sit ins

4.4. Selma March

4.5. Little Rock 9

5. MLK's I Have a Dream Speech